Sunday, December 16, 2012


I"ve heard this song thousands of times, and it didn't occur to me until today that I didn't know what liknisma meant. I hadn't even thought about it... apparently it means rock or sway.. in this song it's "the swaying of the sand," which is more poetic than it is logical:

αν ήτανε η αγκαλιά σου όαση
θα σου 'φερνα δισκάκια για ακρόαση
στο λίκνισμα της άμμου
στάλα η καρδιά μου
κι η διψασμένη μου ψυχή στρατός
και πάνω της ζωής ο αετός

if your embrace was an oasis,
I'd be bringing you little discs for you to listen to
to the swaying of the sand
my heart a droplet
and my thirsty soul an army
and up above, the eagle of life.

See? Beautiful but not interpretable to me. 

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