Monday, May 13, 2013


So in my searching after the tool the bakery robber used, I stumbled upon a new, but actually older, alternative word for τσεκούρι (axe), πέλεκυς, which is obviously where πελεκούδι, wood chips, comes from, and is itself surely derived from πελεκώ, to chop chisel or hew, and which we know from the proverb ανθρωπος αμόρφωτος ξύλον απελέκητο, i.e. a person who is uneducated is like unchiseled wood. 


Νυστέρι --  learned this one while looking up the meat cleaver/hatchet word.


Sadly there have been robberies at bakeries in Cyprus, a string of them, and the robber always carried a balTAS, which according to all the dictionaries I've checked is either  a meat cleaver or a hatchet:

when I found the news story online, I discovered that baltas was in parentheses, while the text said "large knife," so I guess it wasn't a hatchet, but rather the above. Νews story. Now the words for cutting tools that I know are: σουγιάς, σιγατσάκι, μαχαίρι, λάμα

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

προσδίδω ~ attach, assign, ascribe

Listening to the news regarding the Tsohatzopoulos trial--defense claims that the prosecution is trying to assign/attach political character to the prosecution.