Monday, January 16, 2012


νούφαρο το [núfaro] Ο41 : πολυετές υδρόβιο φυτό με μεγάλα στρογγυλά φύλλα και λευκά άνθη που επιπλέει στο νερό των λιμνών.
[μσν. νούφαρο < νενούφαρο με απλολ. [nenu > nu] < αραβ. nenūfar -ο]

I heard the word NOUFARRO in this song: "A Deceptive Dream" and had no idea what it could possibly be (the song compares the lost dream of love to a ship that got shipwrecked and a noufaro that was plucked/moulted.... not much context. The reason I couldn't decode the word was chiefly that it's not originally Greek, but borrowed from the Arabic "nenufar" which is also the word for waterlily in Spanish. So, that's it for the Greek word for waterlily. Let's see if I can remember it. 

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