Saturday, January 14, 2012

life raft on a ship

Having been on Greek ships before, I had seen this word (LEM-voss) on the rafts, but now I heard it for the first time on the News about the Italian cruise ship that ran aground on a sandbar. I'm fascinated with all the English possiblities for small boat--didn't know all of them...

  • {N} boat, gig, canoe, gondola, cutter, yawn, dinghy, row-boat, shallop, skiff
δερμάτινη λέμβος των εσκιμόων (leather eskimo lemvoss)
  • {N} kayak
ελαφρά λέμβος (light lemboss)
  • {N} cockboat, coracle
λέμβος εσκιμώου eskimo lemboss
  • {N} oomiak
λέμβος πλοίου ship lemvoss
  • {N} gig, pinnace
  • {N} boat house
μεγάλη λέμβος big lemvoss
  • {N} launch
μεγαλύτερα λέμβος πλοίου even bigger lemvoss
  • {N} longboat
μικρή λέμβος small lemboss
  • {N} scull
μικρή λέμβος πλοίου small ship lemvoss
  • {A} dinghy
  • {N} jolly
ναυαγοσωστική λέμβος saving lemboss
  • {N} life boat, lifeboat

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