Friday, January 13, 2012

get riled up

φουρκίζομαι (fourkizomeh)

This was in the story we read from the Anthology with Iwanna G. yesterday--she (age 12) defined it as "get mad in a puffed up way." According to the synonyms listed below, she was dead on with her definition!

The big question is: why does it sound just like φουρκέτα (fourketta), barrette, in an earlier post? I was able to learn that the barrette word is likely from the French fourchette, fork--so they may be false cognates.

rilevtr(annoy, anger)εκνευρίζω, εξοργίζω ρ.μετ.
frustrate sbv(exasperate, annoy sb)εξοργίζω, εκνευρίζω, ενοχλώρ.μετ.
 καθομιλουμένητσατίζω, φουρκίζω, φουντώνωρ.μετ.

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