Wednesday, January 11, 2012


μπουλούκι (boulouki) from the same song, (Zeimbekiko for Nikkos).
Boulouko is the Cypriot word for stuffed animal--according to google translate,  bölük  means company in Turkish..the etymology makes more sense for the Greek word than the Cypriot except that one does use a stuffed animal to keep one company. In the meantime, SCRUM from the definition of boulouki is new to me...

Furthermore, from looking up the Turkish boluk, I learned that Maniple (Latin: manipulus) was a tactical unit of the Roman legion adopted from the Samnites during the Samnite Wars (343–290 BC)!!! Andrea, my only known reader, are you smiling?

herdn(of people) άνθρωποιόχλος ουσ.αρ.
 καθομιλουμένημπουλούκι ουσ.ουδ.
scrumnUK, figurative (disorderly crowd) ΗΒμπουλούκι ουσ.ουδ.
 μεταφορικάστριμωξίδι ουσ.ουδ.
multituden(people: crowd)πλήθος ουσ.ουδ.
 καθομιλουμένημπουλούκι, τσούρμοουσ.ουδ.
multituden(large number)πλήθος ουσ.ουδ.
 καθομιλουμένημπουλούκι, τσούρμοουσ.ουδ.

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